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What is GameDevHub?

We are GameDevHub. A private education company for game development based in Prague. We provide real time online courses, individual mentoring and B2B educational services. 
Founded in 2020, we already have helped over 200 people to acquire their #gamedev skills, several tens of them to get their first job in the industry.
Our sessions are run by top industry veterans from the Czech excellent Indie to AAA studios.  
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Our educators

Our colleagues worked in any conceivable position and studio type. From indies, to big AAA studios, from mobile to consoles. Titles our educators worked on include Kingdom Come, Arma, Mafia, Warmammer: Total War, Silent Hill: Downpour, Angry Birds: Star Wars, Space Engineers or Vigor.

Their expertise ranges from game design and art direction through 2D, 3D art, and animation to development in custom and third party engines. Not to mention production, marketing, QA or PR. Whatever you think of, we got a man for the job!

B2B education services

Even large studios struggle with recruitment. The best solution is often to train your own employees, but that means sacrificing valuable time of your best developers and artist. 3D art and amination or development seem to be the fields with lack of recruits to fill studio positions. 
We provide custom made courses that outsource intra-company education. We will train your junior and medior colleagues to become more proficient and accelerate their growth. In this way, you will be able to continue work on projects while boosting your overal capacity.
We are currently working on training programs for:

KOCH Media

Our educators helped QA teams from KOCH to get detailed insight into the game development so that their testers would make better testing plans and understand the creative process in general and in this way help them to produce better quality of the final products 

Keen Software House

Keen Software House is about to start work on a new game with strong narrative elements so we are preparing workshops focused on that field to deepen the writing skills of their people.

Perun Creative

Perun Creative struggles with lack of experienced people focused on 3D. They are becoming popular very quickly with their very successful HOBO: Tough Life, we are working on helping their artists get to a new level. 

Interested in our services? 

First, we set up a meeting with you to identify your particular requirements. This might be an insight to other gamedev areas, optimizing pipelines, narrative design workshops, professional growth coaching and more.
Then we tap a pool of our lecturers and affiliates to see who would be the best match to educate your staff. If we do not yet work with a person you need, we will find them.
Then we discuss particulars of the curriculum design with your staff. At this point we are binded by NDA so everyone is able to talk openly. We need as much details as possible about those to be educated, their needs, experiences, expectations. This phase is crucial for the efficiency of our courses and needs time and resources.
Afterwards we finalize course design, agree on deliverables (videos, slides, materials) and the way to measure success and KPI. 
Then we teach or lead workshops. Easy? Not really. Doable? Perfectly!
Martin Boháč (at GamesCom)
+420 739 023 023

Martin Vaňo (CEO)
+420 777 994 787
If you want to hear more visit us at the
Czech booth at Hall 0.4.1 | Stand C021g

Personal mentoring

GameDevHub helps even small indie teams and individual developers by connecting them with coaches - our lecturer and affiliates. They advise them on personal/project level to aid their growth and point them in the right direction, often saving months of time which would be spent on exploring a dead end. 

Courses for the general public

We also run 12/24-week courses aimed at general public interested in changing their career. We help people who are stuck at their jobs and want to make a pivot - go #gamedev! Our courses are hand-on and their purpose is to prepare individuals for their first job interview at a junior position. We emphasize learning by doing, so everything we teach, our students explore themselves. 

Let's start a conversation!

Martin Boháč (at Gamescom)
[email protected] 

+420 739 023 023
Martin Vaňo (CEO)
+420 777 994 787
Or pay us a visit at the
Czech booth at Hall 0.4.1 | Stand C021g
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